The brothers Alan and Shirwan are little people, living in a town in Kurdish Iraq. Alan wants to marry his girlfriend Gona, but when her father Jalal finds out, he forbids her from marrying a little person, and gets the brothers evicted from their home. Alan must do something. He knows Jalal is a big Real Madrid-fan, and has made some exclusive Kurdish shoes he dreams of giving to Ronaldo. Alan steals the shoes, thinking if he can get them to Ronaldo in Spain, Jalal will let him marry Gona. Alan and Shirwan set out for Spain on a beatdown motorbike. Their perilous journey through modern day Iraq pits them up against smugglers, terrorists and bureaucrats, pushing their brotherly love to the limit.

El Clásico is selected  for the 2015 Dubai Film Festival, and will be screening in Norwegian cinemas in February 2016.