Turbin Film is a production company for new and established media founded in 2012. We believe in the fusion of young, creative talent and long production experience. Our producers are working with some of the most promising talents in the industry. They have new points of views and an unstoppable will to create and innovate.

The Crew

ceciliewmork portrett (2)_LI.jpg

Anders Graham

Producer and CEO

As the founder of the film production company Turbin Film, Anders is a particularly experienced film and web producer. With his knowledge about film making and advertising, he is rock solid with a creative head in any production.

Morten Rustad

Photo and  post production producer

Morten is a photographer and director, and have specialised within time-lapse photography. He has earlier worked within marketing, and has several times made videos with great success in social media. He is passionate about capturing the perfect moments, and is willingly giving up a night of sleep to create the best images.

Rabea Junge Wold


Rabea has many years of experience with commercials, film and television productions. For the past 10 years she has been working for NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting) as a production manager and line producer for live shows, drama series, documentaries, and talk shows. 

Cecilie Mork


Cecilie is specialised in fine art photography from the UK. Previous work experience as a portrait photographer, TV Production and as an artist exhibiting own work. She finds great joy in  communicating a story, thought or emotion through camera lenses.


Here is a selection of the directors we are working with. Click on their image to see some of their work.